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Membership of the BCCC provides various benefits, not least of which is the chance to meet a lot of fun and friendly paddlers.

We use an online membership portal so there’s no application form to print off or cheques to post. You can just sign up and go.

Join the Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club today

Like most clubs, we charge an annual membership fee, as well as a one-off joining fee in the first year. Below is a outline of the different types of membership that we currently offer, along with their associated annual (and joining) fees. Further down, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each membership type to help you decide which option to go for.

Our Pricing Plans



Annual+ £22 first year joining fee*
Over 18s**



Annual+ £22 first year joining fee*
Under 18s



Annual+ £44 first year joining fee*
2 or more family members**



Annual+ £58 first year joining fee*
Other clubs or groups



Annual+ £17 first year joining fee*

*Our joining fee is applicable to new members as well as past members whose membership has lapsed for more than two months.
**An additional £5 fee is levied against adults who do not have British Canoeing membership – this reflects the levy that we pay to British Canoeing for adults who are not members to insure them whilst on club activities. You can join British Canoeing here.

Subscriptions are reviewed at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

What type of membership is best for me?

Adult – For those over 18 years of age. Can borrow boats and vote at the AGM.

Junior – For members aged under 18 but in school year 3 or above. Children need to be in year 3 or above to take part in activities unaccompanied by an adult. Parents are expected to take full responsibility for their child’s participation in the Club. Children younger than school year 3 can only take part in activities as part of their family group. Can borrow boats, their parent/guardian can vote at AGM.

Family – For two or more family members living at the same address. Parents are still expected to take responsibility for their children’s participation in the Club. Can borrow boats, up to 2 adults at the address can vote at AGM.

Affiliated – For youth groups and other voluntary organisations who wish to introduce their members to the sport of canoeing and kayaking. There are limitations regarding access to and use of equipment. The adult contact may vote at the AGM. Members of Affiliated groups who wish to take part in club activities should take out the appropriate Adult, Junior or Family membership.

Associate – “Non Paddling” membership. Former members of the Club aged 18 or over who still wish to continue to support the Club and its activities. Cannot borrow boats. May vote at the AGM.

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