Our committee and coaches are made up of club members who freely volunteer their time to assist the club in its operation and activities.

BCCC Committee

  • Nick Howarth - Chairman

    Nick joined us in 2021 returning to paddling after a longish break. He has enjoyed racing - now div 6, Touring and Whitewater the combination of which allows him to roll in anger coming down the Menia Straights

  • Rachel ER Neighbour - Secretary

    Rachel joined B3C in 2021 and the committee in November 2023, the main contact for all members. Rachel organises and minutes all of committee meetings, as well adhoc administration for the Club.

  • Rick Covell - Treasurer

    Balancing the books amongst other things such as organizing trips and repairing boats

  • Nancy Thomas - Safeguarding and Welfare Officer

    please contact Nancy for any issues concerning Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Tony Baker - Quartermaster

    Tony joined B3C in 2022 and the committee in November 2023. He is responsible for the effective management of the boat house and maintaining a list of equipment and its condition.

  • Ross Griffiths - Health and Safety Officer

    I joined B3C to improve my paddling technique to support my adventure racing My favourite experience was taking part in the ITERA World Series Adventure race in Scotland in 2022 and South Africa 2023

  • Zoe Griffiths - Committee member and L1 coach

    Zoe is An enthusiastic paddler and volunteer willing to give 'anything a go'... Happy in a racing boat, tourer, GP, Canadian canoe or even a SUP. Level 1 Coach, member of the 'Boat Repair Crew' and currently looking after the boathouse (quartermaster). Often to be seen at the club on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday/ Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Her chief aim is to ensure all club paddlers have fun on, and off, the water and achieve their goals in doing so. Zoe's aspiration is to introduce more paddlers to the pleasure of paddling.

  • Sarah Francis - Committee member and L1 coach

    Sarah's primary kayaking interest is K1 and K2 marathon racing. She also enjoys sea kayaking. If she ever misses a race, it is because she is competing in an orienteering event.

  • Bill Hansell

    Bill joined B3C in 2004 and the committee in 2015. Bill has recently stepped down as our Chairman, a position he held for three years. Bill has now taken on specific responsibility for events including the Club Hasler.

BCCC Coaches

  • Paul Jeffs - Trip Coordinator and L3 Inland Kayak and L2 Racing Coach

    Paul has served several roles in the club but today he has settled down to encouraging both marathon and white water disciplines - as well as taking part in both. Paul's enthusiasm for canoeing never lets him down as can be seen from his grin! He holds the Level 3 (Inland Kayak), Level 2 Racing and Level 1 Slalom Coaching awards and isn't frightened of paddling an open boat either. He is a real proponent of trying every paddlesport discipline from river running through racing and sea kayaking to polo and more.

  • Brian Biffin - L3 Coach

    Brian is a Level 3 Coach. These days he prefers sea trips and Grade 2 inland paddles. He is also a qualified paddleboarder and a very keen skier.

  • Anne Biffin - L2 Coach

    Anne is a UKCC Level 2 Coach. She enjoys sea kayaking, kayak touring, paddleboarding and open boating. She tries, with little success, to keep Brian in check .

  • Richard Somerset - L2 Racing Coach

    Richard was a long serving member of the committee but stepped down to do more paddling. He is still very much involved in club life taking a leading role in coaching white water and flat water racing. He is a very experienced paddler holding British Canoeing 4 Star Kayak, British Canoeing 3 Star Open Canoe and Placid Water as well as being a Level 3 Kayak and Open Canoe and Level 2 Racing Coach

  • Andrew Jeffs - L1 coach

    Andrew is a Div 1 racing paddler who joined the club at 5 years old. Gaining his 1* at 6 years old and becoming a L1 coach at 16 years old, kayaking has always been at the forefront of his mind from an early age. With a history of white water, playboating, slalom and polo kayaking, you might also see Andrew in a variety of other boats and competitions.

  • Zoe Griffths - L1 coach

BCCC Volunteers

  • David Howie - Race Captian

    Co ordinating and Coaching the Clubs Racing

  • Paul Jeffs - Trips Coordinator

  • Vacancy - Safety Officer

  • Tony Gallagher - Hare and Hounds Master

  • Chris Badham - Paddle Sport Leader

    Qualified to lead touring trips on sheltered water

  • Jane Bocutt

    Qualified to lead touring trips on sheltered water

  • Rick Covell - Paddle Sport Leader and Paddle Sport Instructor

    Qualified to lead touring trips on sheltered water and deliver Discover Courses

  • Rick Covell - Web Master

  • Kelly Knight - Newsletter Editor

    Pulling together Contributions for the Monthly B3C Matters Newsletter

  • John Rickett - Boat Repairs

    Keeping the boats in good order and water tight is John task, so if you see something that needs fixing please let him know.

BCCC Volunteer Vacancies

The club relies completely on voluntary coaches and helpers. If you are active within the club, then please see if there is a role that you could help out in.

  • Coaches

    We would love more coaches, in everything from racing to touring to whitewater. The more coaches we have, the easier it is to organise sessions and coach multiple disciplines. The Club will support your training.

  • Paddle Sport Leaders

    We would love more Paddle Sport Leaders to organise and lead multi discipline trips .The Club will support your training.

  • Coaching Coordinator

    This requires a knowledge of the current British Canoeing coaching requirements and the ability to plan the coaching schedule to provide a diverse range of courses.

  • Taster Session Coordinator

    This requires no special paddling skills. Just an ability to publicise and co-ordinate our taster sessions.

  • Race Captain

    The race captain advertises the external races for the year and organises the team before a competition, ensuring paddlers are entered before each race and we can represent the club as best as possible.

  • B3C Hasler Organiser

    This is a job not for the faint of heart. If you fancy a really juicy event management job, this is the one for you. We have up to 30 people helping out at this event held in May.

  • Charles Hicks Challenge Organiser

    Not as big an event as the Hasler but still a significant event. Held in November.

  • Social Events Coordinator

    We need people to organise our summer shindig, and other off-the-water gatherings such as quiz nights etc.

  • Communications, Technical and IT

    It is a shockingly long list of IT and techie bits and pieces that we run as a club these days. We can always do with more help.

  • Facilities Maintenance

    Lots of people have contributed to the amazing advances we've with our facilities. But we need to consolidate this with a plethora of maintenance jobs that need to be done. We need people who will co-ordinate this work.