Club Trips

We run a range of different kayaking trips and expeditions throughout the year, including inland river touring, whitewater trips, and sea kayaking and coastal touring.


  • If you have COVID symptoms do not participate. Please let your coach/leader know as soon as possible.
  • We will hold all briefings outdoors.
  • Consider bringing your own sanitising materials.
  • If your trip may involve paddling in Wales or Scotland and requires a shuttle, we may ask you to wear a mask during the shuttle, to meet national guidance.

Our trips programme has dates for a range of outings. For quick reference, these are in the club calendar too but see below for any updates. Volunteers are always required to organise trips. If you are interested please contact Paul Jeffs.

Please let trip organisers know you are interested as far in advance as possible so they can arrange appropriate coaches and leaders. Finally – don’t be frightened to ask the organiser about the level of experience (or lack of) for a trip – there are often opportunities for a mix of paddling abilities.

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