Our beginner courses start with taster sessions and British Canoeing Paddlepower courses to get people involved in watersports. If you would like a more formal introduction, we also offer British Canoeing 1 Star courses run by our trained coaches, and occasional pool sessions to help develop your skills further.

Contact the course organisers to find out more or get in touch below.

Upcoming Events

Taster Sessions

Paddlepower courses are a great way to introduce new paddlers to general purpose (GP) kayaking as well as other disciplines, like racing. Courses are run throughout the Easter and Summer holidays – get in touch below to register your interest.


These are for anyone who is curious about kayaking and canoeing (“Paddlesport”) and would like to give it a try. You do not need to be a club member to do a taster session

British Canoeing 1 Star

These courses are for anyone who wants to gain basic competence in kayaks or canoes. As a guide, you may have tried canoeing before somewhere and now know you want to do a proper course or you may have been on one of our taster sessions and now, we hope, want to do more. Find out more here.

Introduction to Flat Water Racing

For those graduating from Paddlepower and wanting to develop their racing skills, we offer an introductory course for flat water racing. We still have one more course scheduled to run in July 2018. More information can be found on our flatwater racing training page.

Pool Sessions

During the warmer months, members can gain access to the Aldershot Lido in partnership with Blackwater Valley Canoe Club. Contact us for more information on how this works and check our club calendar for dates of upcoming sessions.

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