Our intermediate courses are aimed at people who are looking to progress their paddlesport skills further.  We run British Canoing 2 Star courses for you to take your 1 Star to the next level and also learn a new craft.  We also do flatwater racing courses for people interested in marathon racing and can also help paddlers find local foundation safety and rescue courses to build on 2 Star skills and prep for possible coaching achievements.

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British Canoeing 2 Star

This is an ‘improvers’ course that naturally follows from the 1 star award. It is intended for improvement and development. As such it is ‘multi-disciplinary’ and you will be cover both kayak and canoe skills. Find out more.

Foundation Safety & Rescue Training

At the BCCC, we do not run Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) courses.  However, we can partner up with other clubs or advise members of any FSRT courses being run by British Canoeing. Find out more.

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