2024 British Canoeing Explore courses

For paddlers with BC Discover skills: British Canoeing Kayak Explore course:
2024 courses TBA

Please remember, candidates need to be at BC Discover standard, at least.
The Explore course is aimed at people who are looking to progress their paddlesport skills.  We run British Canoeing Explore courses which takes your Discover award to the next level including learning to paddle a different craft. You will be encouraged to plan ahead and decide what kit and which type of craft is most suitable. You will be expected to contribute to the planning of the trip, plus contingencies to allow for bad weather, mishaps and escape routes. You will gain an understanding of the venue and how to access it. You should become confident in paddling your chosen craft independently in a sheltered water environment.
May we encourage you to consider helping the club with instructing, leading or coaching? Your BC Explore award is accepted by most training centres as a good start.
Prerequisites for the leader award:
Outdoor First Aid Level 1 one day course
Safeguarding training (free and available online)
British Canoeing membership
Prerequisites for the Instructor Award:
Foundation Safety and Rescue Training one day course (FSRT)
British Canoeing membership
These courses are run by the Wokingham Waterside Centre: office@wokinghamwatersidecentre.com  Tel: 0118 926 8280.
Also by Engage Watersports on Taplow Lake. Contact: info@engagewatersports.com Tel: 01628 671131
Remember the Club will cover the cost of any training for coaching, instructing or leading awards. We also do flatwater racing courses for people interested in marathon racing.

Contact the course organisers to find out more or get in touch below.