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16th October 2021 @ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club
Bill Hansell

Path Project Working Party

We have scheduled a date of Saturday16th October 2021 (after the Hare and Hounds) to construct a path extension between the bin store and the barn hard standing.  This project will be very good for winter access to the club and generally will save the grass area from damage when it is very wet.

We need (in this order):

  • You
  • Your Spade (and shovel if you have one)
  • Your wheelbarrow (if you have one).

Lunch will be provided for all those that help out.  This is certainly a job where the more people that help out the merrier.  We will be digging the path out to a depth of 200mm, barrowing the soil away and backfilling with a self-binding material variously called MOT or hogging.

You would be welcome on the day, but so we have a handle on lunch, please volunteer via email or speak to me, BIll Hansell.

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