Jubilee River trip

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19th November 2022 all-day
Rick Covell

Saturday 19th November, Jubilee River, probably launching near Maidenhead and coming out at Windsor. there are 3 weirs to be played with preferably in flat bottom boats such as play or white water boats, see picture coming next. You should have experienced some moving water (i.e. been away from the canal ) and be competent with a spray deck and capsize drills. the total distance is close to 9 miles but with some flow, so as a gauge if you can do ash lock and back in a play boat you’ll be ok. The weirs are portage-able but those wanting to give them a try will take priority. This will be a peer paddle as its outside my remit for sheltered water. we will be in the hands of Kevin White who has done this before. It will be different, so let me know if you want to go.

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