Banbury CC Hasler

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30th October 2022 all-day
Banbury CC
OX16 5UN
Dave Howie

Race description * A typical canal race situated on the Oxford Canal that can be winding and shallow in parts. Suitable for all abilities and ages. Div 1-3. 14 portages. Div 4-6. 6 portages. Div 7-9. 2 portages. U14’s. No portages. We advise suitable footwear when portaging. Divisions 7 / 8, and 9 portage. Assistance can be offered at the portage for the U13’s. The paddler must hold the front of the boat and the paddle unless it is in the boat. The assister must not put the boat into the water or offer any assistance that will be deemed to be unfair. Note that the water under the motorway bridge 200 yards north of the 1st portage can get a little choppy. Please ensure the rules of the road are followed here. Lower division paddlers please note this. The start will be ½ mile north of the car park starting just past the Hennef Way Bridge and finish at the bridge here at race HQ. Please note that it is important that divisons 1-6 get on the water first. Divisions 7, 8 and 9 must wait until all the higher divisions are on the water to avoid congestion at the pre-starts. There will be pre-start marshals that bring each race up to the start. Please pay attention to their instructions. Please ensure that you are around the start area in good time as it can get congested. Divisions 1-3. Turn 40 yards north of Bridge 147. This has a nice wide turning area. 14 portages in total. Divisions 4-6. Turn just south of Cropredy village. There will be a Canadian canoe or similar marshalling here. Divisions 7-10. Turn just south of Bourton Lock. There will be a marshal on the bank and it is important that the nose of your boat goes past the marshal. Note that this is a very tight turn and our apologies for this. Start list to be given on the day with some divisions split between odds and evens. Directions to race. Follow signs to Castle Quay Shopping Centre car parks and then for Canoe Race. Note: We have exclusive use of the car park area where we hold the event. Please do not park in the Coach Park behind the Garden Centre or on the road as this will incur a parking fine. There is plenty of parking available in the other car parks if the event area is full. We will try to accommodate trailers in the event area and if necessary double park.

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