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19th November 2021 @ 7:00 PM
Frimley Green Club
Bill Hansell

The AGM will be held on November 19 at the Frimley Green Club. As usual, all members are allowed and encouraged to attend and there will be no fee for attending the AGM.

Following the formal proceedings, there will be an optional social get-together with a buffet supper at a cost of £7 per head (except for honorary members, for whom it will be free). The meal will require RSVP.  Details to follow.

The proceedings will include election of the committee. Any member may stand for any committee role. If you would like to help run the club, your time would be much appreciated. Please let us know if you would like to stand before 22 October. If you’re unsure what level of commitment is needed for various committee roles, just reply to this email and we can arrange for a chat with one of the current committee members.

In particular, my three year tenure as Secretary is coming to an end and we currently have nobody standing for the role of Secretary. Also, while Bill will stand for a third and final year as Chair, he would also be happy to stand aside if someone else would like to take on the role.

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